Nevin Galmarini

Olympic Gold Medalist


«It was, even if it's easy to say in retrospect, a victory with a promise. Because Galmarini did everything possible to achieve it. He is virtually a prototype for how success can be planned to a certain extent.»

Aargauer Zeitung


About the dream to be the best snowboarder in the world.



Gold Medalist Olympic Games


Silver Medalist Olympic Games


Overall Worldcup Winner


Bronze Medalist World Championships


Swiss Champion


For four years, I invested and risked everything to achieve a single goal: To turn Olympic silver into Olympic gold.


Would you like to gain insight into the athlete's mindset or even incorporate some of it into your business or team? I share my experiences of how I perfected my system with honest work and a tremendous team. I show why mindset plays such an important role and why sometimes you are still in your comfort zone even though it feels like hard work.

In an interactive keynote with emotional videos I let you dive into my mindset, which I internalized over 15 years as a professional snowboarder. Let me know your needs and I will customize my speech to your requirements.


Enjoy my collection of videos that have been created over the years.

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Carving Camp

The camp only for hardbooters. Come to Scuol, Switzerland and improve your carving skill!

The camp for hardbooters only: Ride with World Cup professionals, learn step by step how to carve and improve your overall alpine snowboard skills! This camp offers specific coaching for alpine snowboard enthusiasts in an attractive setting. No special level is required. As long as you have some hardboot experience, you are welcome!

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